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Manual on how to use the Guitar Assist

  1. Make sure that the backside of your guitar is clean;
  2. Wear a belt or band tightly around the hips;
  3. Slide the complete GA on wholesale nfl jerseys this fixed belt or band, by preference just right (or left for the left-handed) from the buckle;
  4. Hang your guitar as desired, bend slightly backward and then press the guitar-body against the suction-cup. By standing up straight again the guitar now also will lean on the GA;
  5. The best balance will be an equal weight between the GA and the strap, so when it does not feel right for you, replace until it cheap jerseys does and to control right sticking, press whole suction-cup with your fingers.

Tips and trics

  • For more free movement the GA can also be used as a stand-by support and you can leave it outside the holder just as long is needed.
  • Of course the suction-cup is endlessly displaceable, but if you don’t want to repeat the search for your desired spot, put a tiny sticker (max.5mm) in the middle of this spot.
  • When the surface of the back of the guitar is somewhat damaged or the suction-cup is sliding, you can put a smooth sticker on it to achieve a better fixation.
  • However, when the back of your guitar is too much irregular, the sticking range of a suction- cup will be limited and success cannot be guaranteed.
  • So…. stick only to cheap jerseys the best quality and service from its original designers: the Guitar Assist by SATORI / TRICAS